Public Relations

Why does VN CARES do Community Services?
° Give back to the community that has given us many opportunities
° Learn about other organizations that are also making a difference
° Build relationships with other organizations
° Spread awareness about VN CARES

Davis Community Meals

We work with Davis Community Meals to prepare and serve food to low-income and homeless populations who are in need. 

Food Recovery Network

We work with YOLO Food Bank to collect produce donations from farmers and distribute them all over Yolo County to communities that do not have easy access to food. 

Challah For Hunger

We partner with Challah For Hunger to bake and distribute bread at local food banks to fight food insecurity. 

Grace Gardens

We partner with the Davis United Methodist Church to take care of our community garden which helps feed the hungry and educate the community about environment and sustainable practices. 


We cooperate with interns and the community to distribute flyers to recruit prospective interns and patients.