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What is Research and Education?

The Research and Education Team is committed to improving the community's health by spreading awareness of prevalent health concerns. The R&E team educates the public through the use of public presentations, community events, and the development of educative resources.

Play for Thought

Play for Thought is a committee that organizes a series of educational events for children which aim to instill the idea of a healthy lifestyle through hands-on activities. We currently present at the Yolo County Library and Friends of the Davis Library.

Patient Advocate Committee

In collaboration with the Vietnamese School of Mary Help of Christians Center and Lac Hong Vietnamese School, interns will educate high school students about prevalent health issues in the Vietnamese community. Interns will also help students learn new Vietnamese words relating to the topic and provide translation practices.

Health Resource Committee

A committee focused on developing health and educational resources that are easily accessible and understandable for patients to improve their awareness of prevalent health issues and personal health. We will create online and physical resources such as infographics and brochures to distribute to families and in-clinic patients.

Vietnamese Interactive Community Educator

A subsection of the R&E internship. VICE interns and advisors are trained health educators that are also proficient in Vietnamese. These individuals provide health education and connect specifically with members of the Vietnamese community that may be affected by an inherent language barrier. Their work helps to foster pride in Vietnamese culture while providing much needed support to the community.

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